Jamie Thomas Kong

Based in Singapore

Hello! I'm Jamie, a soon-to-be Digipen graduate with a degree in Computer Science Real-Time Interactive Simulation.

I am eager to bring my passion for graphics programming and my strong academic background to the workforce.
During my studies, I gained hands-on experience in Graphics programming for engine development.

I also had the opportunity to work on several Digipen projects, including "Minute" and "Aesir" . These projects have not only honed my technical skills, but also taught me the importance of collaboration, creativity, and attention to detail.

I am eager to continue learning and growing as a graphics programmer. I am confident in my ability to tackle new challenges and find innovative solutions.

In my free time, I enjoy playing Magic The Gathering and League of Legends.

If you're looking for a highly motivated and enthusiastic graphics programmer who is ready to make an impact, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I would be thrilled to contribute my skills to your team.

Work Experience

Tencent Games

Internship ( Aug 2023 -Present ) - 8 months

  • Water technology research.
  • Implemented modern graphics techniques.
  • Profiled and optimized render passes in Unreal Engine.
  • Refract Technologies

    Part-time Consultant (Oct 2022) - 2 months

  • Contributed to low-level firmware development as part of a small team of senior developers.
  • Played a key role in shipping firmware for AXIS.

  • Part-time Intern (Sep 2022) - 1 month
  • Assisted with firmware migration.
  • Singapore Police Force

    Human Resources (2018-2020) - 1 year 8 months

  • Created automation that cuts large-volume tasks from multi-day projects into single-hour projects.
  • Advocated for technology solutions to improve office efficiency.
  • Proposed solutions to large-scale event management.


  • 2017 - 1st Place, Singapore Polytechnic Design School Inter-school Design Competition


  • 2023 - Steam Release "Minute"
  • 2023 - Top 3, Digipen Final year project "Minute"
  • 2023 - Development of the Ouroboros Game Engine
  • 2022 - Founder of Digipen SG Engine Architecture Club
  • 2018 - Top 3, Singapore Polytechnic Final year project