Third-person narrative hack and slash

Minute is a 3D action platformer developed by a team of eleven Digipen students. The journey is played as a Wind-up toy living in a Tinkerer's work shed, set in the Victorian Age. As a small Wind-Up Toy, the player has to rely on the wind-up key on their back to progress up the workshop. Using the key to beat up enemies, overcome obstacles and unlock paths following an immersive diegetic narrative.

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Technical Contributions:

  • C++
  • Vulkan API Graphics
    • Physically-based rendering (PBR)
    • Skinned mesh rendering
    • Lights and shadows
  • Particle simulation
  • Font system
  • Production Contribution:
    • Development planning
    • Narrative storyboarding

    Minute was developed using our in-house custom engine - Ouroboros.